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Create a new Trade-in

Can be initiated either from Shopify Admin or Shopify POS (by adding the friar duck app to your POS dashboard).

  1. Create a new trade-in. Add products and specify your cash offer per product.
  2. Click Generate Offer and you can adjust store credit vs cash offer to incentivise trading.
  3. Print the offer before payout to show both cash and store credit offer amounts, or after payout to show its been paid.
  4. Lastly payout as either store credit, cash or other.

Refurbish trade-in products

Admin only. Process incoming trade-ins by adding parts and labor to track cost and add to shopify inventory for resale when complete.

  1. Select the trade-in product you want to refurbish and go to its detail page.
  2. Add parts and labor with either add an external link and tracking number or by select exiting products from your shopify product database (tagged as parts). The new total cost, based on original trade-in price plus each line item (part order) will be shown.
  3. Set state as refurbishment proceeds.
  4. When state is ready for inventory, click add to shopify inventory button to connect your refurbished trade-in product to an existing shopify product.

Issue store credit as payments using Shopify POS

Applicable taxes will be added as a non-taxable line item to account for store credit.

  1. Add the friar duck - Use Store Credit card to your Shopify POS Dashboard.
  2. Add customers that have store credit (issued through the friar duck app) and products to your cart.
  3. Click the friar duck - Use Store Credit app and apply store credit.

Issue discount codes.

Trade value can be issued as discount codes. If your region requires sales tax collection seperate from products, be aware discount codes are pre-tax only and will reduce the sales tax Shopify collects at checkout.

  1. In the admin, click the customer tab.
  2. Click a customer store credit shortcut action or go to their detail page by clicking on their row.
  3. If store credit is available, click issue discount code and it will generate a one time use, customer specific discount code for the specified amount, subtracting that amount from their store credit. These will be viewable in the main Shopify admin discount codes page.